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Ακουστικά Βαρηκοΐας

Hearing aids

Εξουσιοδοτημένο Phonak Service Center

Authorized Phonak Service Center

Ασύρματες συσκευές Phonak

Phonak Wireless Devices



Ασύρματα ακουστικικά τηλεόρασης SENNHEISER

SENNHEISER wireless TV headphones


Assessment of hearing loss

Free test by a specialized hearing aid specialist, using the latest generation of medical technology equipment

Immediate technical support

The well-equipped and certified structures that our company has, ensure high-level services to our customers.

Home service

Possibility of our visit to your place in case the movement is not possible

Factory warranty

2-year warranty covers all our products

Other Services & Benefits

Psychological support – Counseling by a collaborating specialist psychologist

Social Security funds

Contracted with EOPYY

Who we are

At the Thessaloniki ''Papanikolaou D'' acoustic application center, our main concern is to offer our customers an improved quality of life. With responsibility and knowledge, we find with you the best solution so you can enjoy communication. Offering the latest generation of digital gravity headphones, our goal is to give you absolute control of your hearing, without compromise. With continuous support from our experienced and well trained staff, you will never feel alone.



Choosing the right hearing aid

The correct choice of an acoustic requires research, detailed information and collaboration with the specialist hearing provider. Ideal, it is the solution that meets the user's needs. The factors that determine the choice are many: the degree of severity, the technology of the aid to be applied, the discriminating application, the age of the user, their daily activity and the cost of the headset. By studying the results of the audiological test and defining your priorities and expectations, we will help you to choose the hearing aid that suits you. Our company represents the largest manufacturer (phonak - switzerland), and provides weight headphones that combine high technology and competitive prices for the level of research and development that has been done for each product.


Diagnosis of the client's needs - Immediate response to his expectations - Quality service & professionalism

We build a relationship of trust

Our many years of experience and our qualified staff guarantee the result. We invest in our people and ensure their continuous training so they can support you effectively. Our aim is to understand our customers' expectations and communicate in order to achieve the best possible service.


Branch in Grevena
We are pleased to announce that our company "Papanikolaou - Hearing Aids" maintains an organized branch in Grevena.

Hearing, Great Sense.. “Loss of sight distances man from objects. Hearing loss separates man from men” Immanuel Kant

Why hearing aids


Phonak,a member of the Sonova Group, is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world, with presence and network of partners in over 100 countries.

The Swiss company successfully develops and produces advanced technology acoustic systems, aiming to offer solutions to people with hearing loss, impaired speech discrimination or tinnitus discomfort.

It has wireless solutions for unlimited access to the world of sounds and communication: Specialized devices for direct connection of your handset to Smartphones, TVs, audio sources (MP3) as well as hearing support systems for training rooms and communication in noisy environments.

Phonak is a driving force behind the development of innovative technologies and is the most specialized company in pediatric hearing solutions. solutions. The Phonak SKY range of hearing aids for children combines high performance with award-winning design.

It seeks strong collaborations with hearing-prosthetists - audiologists, having as its primary concern the high provision of services and the scientific coverage of the needs of each client separately.

The company PAPANIKOLAOU - HEARING AIDS, is an official reseller of PHONAK in Thessaloniki as well as the only authorized repair center (Authorized Service Center) of PHONAK in Northern Greece.


Contact info

Telephone: 2310 239777


Work Hours

MONDAY: 09:00 – 14:30
TUESDAY: 09:00 – 14:00 /17:30 – 20:30
WEDNESDAY: 09:00 – 14:30
THURSDAY: 09:00 – 14:00 /17:30 – 20:30
FRIDAY: 09:00 – 14:00 /17:30 – 20:30
SATURDAY: 09:00 – 13:30

* During the summer months: June - July - August, our store will not be open on Saturdays.

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